Will the MTKFLASH firmware backup work on aTEAC' DV-W50E DVD-R burner

I am getting a DV-W50E DVD-R burner and Teac have not released any firmware for it so i want to flash the firmware to turn it into a Pioneer AO5 with the hacked DVR-105 v1.30 - RPC-1 + 2xDVD-R + 12xRip , but i would like to be able to have the Teacs firmware saved on my pc incase the drive dies under warranty and then i can return it if i can put the original firmware back in, so i was wondering if the firmware back up method thats used for the Liteon cdrw burners can be used to also back up the Teac firmware for safe keeping because teac dont have any firmwares available to use, any help is appreciated or if anyone has backed up there teac DV-W50E firmware can they post a link to it or email it to me at boss1337@hotmail.com

the method to back up the liteon firmware went like this below

First make a boot diskette on a w9x/me/dos computer to use to boot the computer since these tricks must be done in real DOS.
Unzip mtkflash to the floppy disc or to a FAT16/32 formatted drive.

Now make sure that the drive that you are going to read the firmware from/write firmware to is connected to the main IDE controller and not to a secondary IDE controller card, also make sure that your drive is NOT configured as cable select(set it to either Master or Slave). Also write down/remember how it’s connected.

Boot your computer from the diskette containing the system files and make sure that NO CD-ROM drivers is loaded.

Go to the same drive/folder where you have mtkflash.

To backup your firmware type:

MTKFLASH “x” R /B /M filename.bin

Where “x” is a number from 1 to 4:

1: Primary master
2: Primary slave
3: Secondary master
4: Secondary slave

R is for Read out the firmware
/B is to save the firmware as a binary file
/M is to Merge the whole firmware into one file.
filename.bin is just an example, name your file so it will be easy to find back. I use the firmware version as the name like firmware version blah blah will become blah blah.bin. Don’t have the filename longer than 8 characters + bin extension

No, it will not

ok, is there anyway other way or any tools to beable to extract the Teac firmware??


I, know that thread, i posted in it, yeah I know the teac can be flashed to pioneer firmware, thats why i want to extract the Teac firmware so if i encounter any problems with the Pioneer AO5 hacked DVR-105 v1.30 - RPC-1 + 2xDVD-R + 12xRip , i can put it back to original “TEAC” firmware and get the drive fixed or replaced under warranty