Will the LiteOn support Mount Rainer?

am planning to get a Lite-On LTR-40125S but before I place the order, I owuld like to know whether the Lite-On LTR-40125S will support Mount Rainer on not.

Because according to the CDRW review at CDRLabs.com (http://www.cdrlabs.com/reviews/index.php?reviewid=109&page=Features)

It says according to the InfoTool points out that the LTR-40125S does not support the Mt. Rainier format. However, on Lite-On’s website “Supporting Mt. Rainier” as one of the drive’s features. Will Mt. Rainier support be added later?

So I would like to clarify before I place the order.

Right now it do not support Mt.Rainier.

It may be added by a firmware update but I can’t say for sure.

They where suppost to have been able to support Mount Rainer but when they released them it had no been put on.The option is there so i’d day that they will release it in a firm update.

It is possible to support CD-MRW by a firmware upgrade!

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