Will the GSA-4163B write to this DVD-RAM Disc?



I’m about to buy this DVD-RAM disk(image attached). Do you think the GSA-4163B will support it? TIA


9.4 GB? Really?


Looks like it might be a double-sided cartridge jobby. If so, it will just depend whether the cartridge allows the disc to be removed or not…


Mine is double sided 9.4 from Maxell and it’s writing perfect.
Why not this one?


According to Tigerdirect.com, teh media is:
“TDK DVD-RAM94Y4 9.4GB Type IV DVD-RAM Disk In Removable Cartridge” (underscrore is mine). Have not been able to confirm if removeable means it can be taken out of the cartridge.

Hope this helps somewhat.


Foudn additional info at this site:

Which states:
Type 4 - A case for a two-sided (Type 2S) 120 mm DVD-RAM disk such that the disk may be removed from the case. This case is reversible.

So I now assume that the disc is indeed removabkle from the case, and should work in the GSA-4163B.


Thank you everyone.


Double sided…normally work in 4163b


Since this is presumably 2x and the only possbile benefit, namely the cartridge, cannot be used it begs the question: why bother?


Mine was also a cartridge type and I throw it away.


Go here: http://shop.store.yahoo.com/chicagodigital/pa4dv5xmepba.html

and get 2 5X Panasonic for $14. I would bet the cost is lower and the coating is better.
I know the speed is better. They also have the 9.4GB without the cartridge for $12. Sorry in advance if you are overseas.