Will the GSA-4163B support -R DL?




I want to buy either the Nec ND-3520 or LG GSA-4163B.

The LG support DVD-RAM but I dont know about the NEC.
Can the LG firmware upgrade to support -R DL like the NEC 3520?



The possibility is small. :frowning:


Well, I assume it is possible to implement a -R DL firmware update for LG, but I don’t
think they will bother with it given the history of their firmware update policies. For
example, they added bitsetting support for the GSA4120, but did nothing for the GSA4160,
even though they are near identical hardware. They essentially skipped the GSA4160
but decided to add the bitsetting to their latest greatest, the GSA4163. Who knows if
they are going to come forward for the GSA4160 while they drag their shoes. It will be
a very long time IF they ever do something to please the people who bought the GSA4160.

LG is a conservative company, and is a shrewd one at that. So, just don’t bother with -R DL
because it will be a very long time before LG will listen up.


I just bought this drive (88.50 Euros :bigsmile: )and I am amazed about its quality speed and media compatibility.I bought ARITA 8x that’s ridtek’s stuff and it writes 8x perfectly while my previous Sony 500AX that I bought for 400 Euros before 2 years couldn’t write than some brands right.
Maybe RAM is better for archiving than DL’s. :slight_smile:
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I agree with other posters here that say you will not get -R DL on the GSA4163B, although LG is rooted in the -R camp. They never did enhance their drives with a firmware upgrade, only update media compatability. It will be a big surprise for everyone, if that changes.

This is not to say the burners are no good. I own a 4163B and am very happy with it. People owning the NEC 3500 and other of the past NEC burners are usually also very happy with it. You get tons of modified firmwares for the NEC, very little of this stuff for the LG. The 3520 differs from the 3500 though, but some guys have already come up with firmware hacks. I haven’t read anything about general satisfaction with the 3520.

The NEC does not support DVD-RAM. If you need it, you don’t want to buy NEC. Accordingly, if you really need -R DL and can’t survive with +R DL, you don’t want LG.


Please wait a few more weeks if you really want 4x DVD-R DL. There’s no NEC drive that now supports 4x DVD-R DL either. Big companies usually do not make easy promises because it really hurts their company images and contracticts their company policies. Don’t dismiss DVR-A09 completely yet. It’s really a bad choice if one chooses a product as a consumer according to a brand name rather than the real-world performances of each product.


Thank you all for sharing your knowledge.

Ok, which one will I benefit more from? DVD-RAM or -DL? which will stand in the future?
What is the difference between +DL and -DL? is it worth it?


Up to now nobody knows about compatibility of -DL.
+DL already has proven to work in most standalone players.


They are very different. Comparing DVD-RAM and DVD-R DL is not much valid. DVD-RAM was invented out of PD and MO. DVD-R DL was invented out of DVD-ROM Dual Layer and DVD-R.

Read the FAQ thread in the main Recording Hardware forum. Look for DVD-RAM first of all. :slight_smile: