Will the BenQ DW1650 play PAL format DVDs?

Just wondering if I can watch PAL format DVDs on my computer with the DW1650?

Do you need a certain player software?


Sure you can and yes you need some way to play video’s.

I don’t watch video’s on my pc even though i have a 22" monitor. I use my HT for that :rolleyes:

Yes you can and yes you need software in order to play PAL format DVDs.

PowerDVD will do the job.

Most DVD players have the setting for NTSC and Pal format. PowerDVD is a good one, my favorite player is VLC, free and has nice features and my 2nd favorite is the intervideo winDVD platinum version. But you dont really need to spend money on the player at all. You can use VLC, download those megacodec, it has the older windows media player along with codecs and divx and it will support DVD play back with pal format supported. So I recommend VLC and MegaCodec, lets google be your friend