Will the 3540 ever be as good as the 3500?

I wonder. I wish I had got in while the 3500’s were still easily available now.

From what I have found in testing those 2 drives, the 3540A is actually better O_o

I think the drives are about even. But i also think the PIE/PIF testing features added from the 3520/3540 drives have caused a lot of confussion here. Clearly some 3540 drives are not scanning well.
If you take the same media and burn a disc on the 3500 and then the 3540. Then scan the disc by tried and tested means (Lite-On DVD burner with K-Probe or use the advanced scanning software and features of a Plextor PX-716 drive) IMO the 3540 drive just has the edge. But only just. :slight_smile:
This is repeatable on all the DVD media i have.

Not scanning well is a nice way to put it


thanks for your post. I myself also have had the same feelings lately when all my 8x Fuji and Philips burns looked terrible when they were scanned on the NEC 3540. After I rescanned a few on the Plextor I got perfect results. Your post confirmed my thoughts.

regards, Stephen

Since I use the Benq1640 for scanning my NEC burns I’m getting happier with my Nec3540 every day 

Especially MCC003/MCC004 and NEC are a winning combination
(beats the Benq, although the Benq is better at burning yuden T02)

Hopefully NEC will fix the dodgy scanning with a firmware update.

The 3500 still burnes better with cheap media.
With A-grade media the difference is very small.

For example:

Here is a burn on the 3540 with RitekR03-02 burned @ 8X:

And here a scan from the same disc burned with a 3500 also @ 8X:

As you can see both scanned with my LiteOn drive to rule out the dodgy scanning of the 3540. (media is Platinum DVD+R 8X)

I have both drives in my pc, but i tend to use my 3500 a bit more then my 3540. Because i mainly use cheapo media.


Just bought a 3540 off of Newegg for $43 shipped-

That now gives me four 3500’s for backup units - three new ones in the box and the one that I’m taking out to try the 3540-

Can anyone suggest how I can sell a couple of the new ones - like on eBay-eh?



Both NECs are inferior DVD readers. No wonder it scans badly, it can’t even rip dodgy discs half as well as my much older liteon burner.
The tables are turned when it comes to burning, both these drives have quality burn capabilities, especially if you take care to investigate any possible media / firmware issues in advance. Burn with NEC scan with other drive if you can. If you can’t live with this, then buy some other drive that can read better.

My new Benq 1640 with latest FW beat the NEC 3540 and Lite-on 1673S with latest FW’s burning CMC MAG E01’s @ 8x but the Lite-on beats the Benq and NEC on TY T02 at present and the Lite-on beats the NEC (Not tried the Benq yet) on MCC003’s.

Swings and roundabouts.

BTW my scanning on the NEC seems better than before for some reason. It’s reporting accurately from comparisons with the Benq.