Will the 32* support Mt. RAinier?

So will it support Mt. Rainier via a firmware upgrade?
Also which firmware sould I use?
I still haven’t flashed it.


Probably not. Lite-On will probably use Mt. Rainier as marketing for their newer drives instead of releasing upgrades to olders (except in the case of an announced Mt. Rainier support, such as the 40125S).

LTR-32123W… Same MTK chipset, same drive HW. Firmware is easy to hack…

Hello all,

I’ve just came from the LiteOn Mandarin Fourm on the LiteOn web site. According a thread dated 2002/4/12 17:36:24, posted by LiteOn, yes, 32123S will support Mt.Rainier.

Basically they said that all they willl release Mt.Rainier enabled firmwares for burners 24x onward (24102B not included) in the “near future”.

Note: I am just saying what I saw on their web site, and translated to English, so please do not blame me if the info is incorrect.

Have fun!

Very nice!
I don’t think I will have much use for Mt. Rainier though… :slight_smile:
(From a marketing point of view, Lite-On are strange people… they are just too nice!)