Will TDK 48x flash to LiteOn?

I’m reading some reports on usenet of problems flashing the TDK 48x/24/48x to LiteOn firmware. Has anyone successfully done this? Is TDK using some other drive than LiteOn?

Is TDK using some other drive than LiteOn?

Not that I’ve heard of… It’s easy to spot if it’s a LiteOn, 2 meg buffer and firmwares with both numbers and letters, and four of them…
TDK have used LiteOn burners a long time, don’t think they’ll give them up either…

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Is TDK using some other drive than LiteOn?
No, it’s not
And simply having followed the prescription, got some hits like that :

TDK 4800B 48x16x48

TDK Velocd

TDK vs Liteon

I’m assuming they ARE LiteOns, but i see reports from people who are doing everything right and it won’t take the flash. Just wondered of anybody else had actually done it.

It is confirmed an liteon rebadged. I’m using the TDK 48x overclocked to 52x liteon 6S02 firmware.

as am I and am getting write transfer rate test burns at 2:26.

Thanks. I was just curious, trying to help out a couple folks who can’t get it to go. They’re getting the “unknown flash type” error in MTKFlash with a live TDK drive as the result.

you mean dead drive?

Live, as in live, no flash occurs. It doesn’t start the flash, just the error message. I suspect they are not using the right syntax, but they swear they are.

Maybe they are not using the right version, not syntax - 1.55 should be fine…

There is much easier answer for your question, is that or not… just download firmware updates for both drives, and compare them, answer is quite simple as you can see…