Will support this media 48x writting?

Will VERBATIM SUPER AZO 24X 80 min. media suppoprt 40x or 48x writting speed?

I will overclock my Traxadata 40x 12x 48x to LTR-48125W and I would like to know it…

Thanx in advance! :wink:

No. Note that newer LiteOn writers dislike Verbatim Super Azo. I always get high c1 error rates in the first 2 minutes.

Then… which CD-R media is recommended to use with LiteOn LTR-48125W to write at 40x or 48x speed?

How can I know if there are any errors in my recorded CD’s?


You can use TDK 32x media at 48x if it is made by TDK, but it’s only available in Europe…Try to get some 40x certified Taiyo Yuden discs.

You can use WSES to measure quality of a CD, but you must convert your drive to a liteon before.

Send me a PM with your eMail, and i’ll send WSES to you (we are not allowed to put it to a public server anymore, but sending via email is allowed :p)

perhaps you can test them first with the LITE-ON “smart burn media check program”…long name…You can find it on their webpage.

I think it will say 32x, but not 48 x…

And if you then make a c1 scan at 40x reading speed, you’ll see that you shouldn’t use them at all with this writer…

My own LiteOn drives HATE the 24x Verbatim (made in Mexico), and love the 32x Verbatim made in Taiwan. SmartBurn limites the 32x to 32x burning.
The new 40x TY, thus far are available as Fuji 40x and even some Memorex 40x, are very good in the LiteOn drives at 40x and at 48x.


5 mitsubishi Azo discs being tested with WSES there, 16X read.

you can see what Alex meant by not liking these medias.