Will straight to DVD kill the movie theater?

I just posted the article Will straight to DVD kill the movie theater?.

Warner pictures has just announced the intention of
releasing a gaggle of horror films straight to DVD. Other studios have had
straight to DVD for years, but not Warner, they just were not…

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It will never happen. Movie theaters will always be there. I’m not a big fan of the high prices and overcharge for crap like popcorn and stuff, but I’ll still go once in a while to see a flick. There is a $3 dollar theater close by, and that’s just awesome. (Ticket costs you $3, popcorn and a soda $7.) There’s probably few highly positioned people that will do everything to keep the rip-off franchise going. I’m beginning to think that it’s not the price of the movie so much that makes people stay at home, it’s just straight laziness. Look at majority of overweight Americans, “Do we have to go out? Do I have to move my ass?” And then we have crates removing our neighbors from their homes which they haven’t left if 5 years straight. Long story short, the theaters will always be there. First date, getting out on a saturday night, whatever. It will always be there.

Theaters are already taking a hit in the last few years but they will rebound. The medium will evolve. We already know J. Cameron, R. Rodriguez, G. Lucas, R. Zemekis & a few other top directors are pioneering the next step in cinematic experience, 3D digital projection. In 10 years (maybe even 5) the film viewing experience will be completely different, 72 FPS IMAX quality 3D imagery, and it will only be available in cinemas, for all but the riche$t home theater enthusiasts, for quite a while. And it won’t be 3D in the sense of cheesy crap flying out of the screen. More like a sense of complete immersion in the scene, like that’s YOU flying down the Death Star trench :slight_smile: (Yes all 6 Star Wars, LOTR, many many classics will be re-released in the new 3d format).

Popcorn is one of only two reasons to go to a theater today. The other is that I at least want my kids to experience it so they’ll remember what a theater was. The way I look at it, the theater is already dying. If not for “Straight to DVD”, it would take the film industry with it. Straight to DVD may actually save the movie industry rather than being responsible for killing the theater.

Answer: No. Next question?

Hi I live in France, and the deal here is 8.5Euros to see a film at primetime…but the cool thing is for 18E a month u get an unlimited pass to see as many movies as u want in all the theaters of that franchise… i basicly use the theater instead of tv/cable/ dvd/divx and since im single its way cheaper… well not cheaper than divx but come on its the theater…Half of the people I know have this , so its a cheap way to go out be somewhat social for cheap… Anyways thats the wayI think theaters should react…

This is most interesting! Never heard of a subscription type sevice to theaters. :slight_smile: This is a good idea and hopefully we will see more of this. Is there any limitations? For instance, in the US, when a movie first comes out, you cannot use free passes etc.

I can only hope so. No annoying people/noises, easy food/toilet access, and my 5.1 speakers always sound better, richer and clearer that every cinema I’ve ever been to.

I am eagerly awaiting ALL the Movie Studio going to Direct DVD Releases. I am tired of sitting in Movie Theaters with ridiculously excessive loud volume levels, watching 20 minutes of coming attractions before the Feature Film, freezing to death with air-conditioning turned down to 60 degrees, and the projectionist too dam lazy to properly focus the lens. I am also appalled at the outrageous abusive prices Movie Theaters charge for popcorn, candy, and soft drinks. I look forwarded to renting the Commercial DVD Movie Title from Blockbuster for less than 25% the cost of my wife and I viewing the Movie Title in a Movie Theater and viewing it on my Surround Sound Big Screen Television in the connivance, comfort, and safety of my living room drinking a glass of wine.

I rather want to watch a movie at home on dvd than at the theater…so straight to dvd is the way to go for me!! Also for the price of me and my wife to go to the theater i can buy the dvd pluss candy and stuff :+

LONG LIVE PRINCE CHARLES CINEMA! I enjoy brawling with anyone who dares speak during a film. Can’t say I’ll miss the black eyes, though. :S

I’m really hoping that straight to DVD becomes more prevalent, regardless if the movie is simultaneously in theaters and on DVD. I dislike the theaters for all of the reasons others have mentioned and prefer my panny projector, 5.1 setup and my easy chair to any public cinema. For instance, it would be nice to see IceAge:TheMeltdown now on DVD instead of having to hear my friends excitement about the movie and having to wait 9 months for it to come out on DVD because I think theaters are a low value statement.