Will Sonys PS3 be the last nail in the HD-DVD coffin?

I just posted the article Will Sonys PS3 be the last nail in the HD-DVD coffin?.

 We know  that Blu-ray has garnered massive content support from the studios with about  80% of all of Hollywood's content locked up. But, Sony is not stopping there,  it's well known that the...
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Just wait until sony realeases it games with some sort of DRM-like protection that will crash and burn your beloved blu-ray media center into a pile of unuable junk. screw you sony. :r

I’ll tell you what is anti-consumer! As an owner of Xbox 360, I realize that in order to do any of the mulitimedia or streaming features, I need additional Microsoft products. To play MP3 over LAN I require Windows Media Connect. There is no software for OS X or Linux. Even though it uses UPnP, it seems that MS checks for a real Windows server and it does not currently work with other alternatives like TwonkyVision. To watch streaming videos using the builtin MCE Extender, I require a Windows XP MCE 2005 PC. This is strange because other products which support UPnP and Windows Media Connect are capable of playing video. Although with MCX it will play larger, older MPEG2, it will not play any new codecs like DivX or XviD. The only newer codec it supports is Microsoft’s WMV. I cannot use the built in hard drive on Xbox 360 to store videos, but then what would be the point since it cannot play any of my video collection anyways. I will be able to purchase videos over XBLive from Microsoft in the future. Who is being anti-consumer then? Seems like Microsoft is doing a very good job of keeping their system closed so it only works for the most part with other MS products. Sure you can plug in an iPod and listen to unencrypted songs, but what good is that really?

When DVD came out I was quick to take it up as there were extras better pictures and no rewinding Blue ray offers a possible better picture but I still need to be sure That I can buy a cheap player from anyone No compatibility problems Can resell any disc I decide I don’t like without asking for permission All discs in my collection will work in 10 or 20 years time without doing any fancy stuff like plugging into a phone line etc. I can take a disc around to friends to watch without needing to register it I.e. I own what I pay for. As of this time I just don’t trust Sony

Hmm, only time will tell all how draconian the DRM and user unfriendly that will be applicable to this unit! However, SONY’s continued vain attempt, to lock down PSP to hackers, and the issue of expensive non standard mini video discs, shows us plainly , that current corporate execs at SONY, have willingly adopted MAFIA style tactics, to maximise all profits at the expense of the customer. To purchase anything SONY, at this stage of the game does not appear to be a wise choice! Oh well, I suppose it is about trust, will SONY, look after all it’s consumers, or slip us another hidden rootkit with a EULA, that deletes all consumer rights of fair use! :r

The thing is Bill Gates is not concerned with the consumer or products being friendly. Quite the contrary. He has his panties in a bunch with Blu-ray over “Managed Copy”. This wonderful scheme allows “X” amount of copying to be done with a HD disc. For instance, to rip to your hard disc. Both camps support managed copy. HOWEVER, HD-DVD mandates it for ALL discs and Blu-ray does not. Some are saying that this is why he prefers HD-DVD because of the Media center OS and it’s living room “hub” capabilities. Blu-ray would not allow him this strangle hold on the TV. :frowning: In my opinion, for the future of home entertainment, it is CRITICAL that there is competition in this new arena and that MS is NOT the only source for an OS. For once, lets have some competition and see what happens. If HD-DVD is not around, it will really cause an interesting development for MS and Xbox that I would dearly love to see. I suppose he would cram a FVD or EVD in there as he has his nose over in China already. But, I doubt they want to deal with him either.
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>>> If HD-DVD is not around, it will really cause an interesting development for MS and Xbox

yep!!! needing an internet connection to play movies will kill both formats!!!:frowning:

It was easy for people to re-buy movies on DVD that they already had on VHS. I can’t make the same argument for replacing a DVD or BlueRay or HD-DVD. My upscanning DVD player looks awesome btw and I can make backups. Hopefully the market will issue the same fate it did for the divx dvd player which was thought up by lawyers and circuit city. People are a lot smarter now than they were when that was going on.

if see xbox360 is anti-consumer, then you will see ps3 as a pure evil. ms is under pressure for monopolizing operating systems market, but sony isn’t & i find sony is far worse if not equal to ms in terms of so called “protecting intellectual properties” when people supports companies like sony, we will be sorry soon.

What im interested in is to see how reliable the drive in the PS3 will be the PS2’s was a nightmare for me. That was one of te reasons why I switched to Xbox so fast I went thru 3 PS2’s before I got one that didnt fry itself in a few months. Also the Xbox360 cant support all the formats like Xvid and Divx because Microsoft would need to pay royalties and we dont know how much that would drive up the console price. Microsoft is selling the console between $300-$500 dollars and they are takeing a loss at it.

The problem is, HDTVs are very rare in the TV market (10% maybe), so what exactly do either format offer SD TV owners? More special features? Im sure Ive read that the latest WMV HD Codec can store 2.5 hours of HD Video on a standard DVD. Thats another problem. I think the PS3 is a very good vehicle for bringing HD Media onto the market, but i personally dont think HD Media is going to have anywhere near the impact of DVD. Simply because the market isn’t there yet.

IntestineMan, If you are complaining the the Xbox360 is a closed system then you should also be complaining about your iPod and iTunes. I’m sure that’s a really open system you got there. :r The truth is that every company is a greedy bitch and every little thing that is on the cunsumer side should be embraced (HD-DVD)

HDTV and blue laser recordable optical media are going to grow together helping each other. Just another chicken and egg problem.

:d Bill Gates is really interested in the average person as that is what he was when he struck it rich with a little help for IBM.

I trust Bill Gates a slight bit more than I trust the Sony corporate execs. At least he’s American. And, he donates to charities.