Will someone please help me

i just got my new computer and i decided id burn dvds so i got a ripper magic dvd ripper and i ripped the dvds i wanted and saved them to my computer but i dont have anything to burn them onto the dvds for me could you help me from theyre they are ripped into mp4 format i think and i dont have ne thing to burn the dvds with and stuff and dont know what to do from theyre could you please fill me in it would be apreciated

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Also I if you want us to help, you could put some effort in the writing… actual sentences and some punctuation would be nice…

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I agree that your question and your aim are not clear but I’ll take a guess. If that doesn’t help then just re-phrase the question please.

From what I read on their site that program doesn’t specify mp4 as output but I guess it could be included in the general category of avi.

Convert DVD to DivX or other AVI formats
Convert DVD to VCD or SVCD

If you just want to write those files to a DVD then get a program like Nero and write a data disc to DVD iso format.

If you wanted to write the output as a DVD format then you chose the wrong option in the program you chose.

From what I can see, topic poster “decided id burn dvds”… :wink:

Then we are talking about one (or more) of these scenarios;

Copy DVD5 movie to a blank DVD5(DVD+R/RW,DVD-R/RW) disc in 1:1 mode

Copy DVD9 movie to a blank DVD+R DL(Dual Layer) disc in 1:1 mode

Copy full DVD9 movie to two blank DVD5(DVD+R/RW,DVD-R/RW) discs

Copy main movie only to one blank DVD disc

Copy DVD movie to hard drive and burn DVD movie from hard drive.

There are good guides at Magic DVD Ripper pages.

As an alternative I would like to propose DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. Both are free and can be foind here.