Will somebody make a step by step guide as how to burn a dual layer disc please?

Let me start by thanking all of you altruistic and computer obsessive brethren that take the time to help this ignorant and desperate stranger straggling along the internet highway.
Okay, so we’re on the same page exact page here it starts with I downloaded a porno that’s broken into 3 CD’s, but is originally one film a little over 3 hours in length. It was downloaded as avi. I converted them separately with avg to DVD files. I successfully burned CD 1 with a standard blank DVD. When I got some money I bought the Dual Layer thinking I could burn it in the same fashion (with the stock PC LightScribe) and everything would be fucking dandy. It’s been hell since I first tried.
I read ImgBurn would burn dual discs in a breeze, but I got the error to “cannot add file to folder” "A file with the same name already exists. I then read that DVD shrink would fix all of that. There are two problems I encountered here. One, when adding CD1 through the process it would convert while the film was quickly previewed and as it did I get numerous pop ups “DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue.” Click ‘OKAY’ and it repeats, but finishes despite the warnings. I deduced that it’s because when I converted with AVG from AVI. to IFO. (or whatever) I added markers to each “CD.” And the error encountered was due to the chapters. So that’s a minor deterrent. The bigger concern is that I thought I could add all 3 CD’s to the DVD Shrink structure and that way they would be whole again.
After I saw that wasn’t possible I thought maybe DVD shrink might merge them as the raw AVI. files, but of course it did not recognize them. I’ve become pretty frustrated! PLEEEASE what the hell do I do? I want to put the broken CD1, CD2, and CD3 (pertaining to the whole, one original film) on one dual layer DVD.

pr9n? :smiley:

Well, maybe you could use the supderduper tool SUPER to merge & convert the WHOLE flick and then burn it onto DVD5/9.

DVD 5/9?

I downloaded SUPER but it makes no sense to me

If you still have the 3 avi files, and they are all encoded in the same manner, you can use AviDemux to combine them into one avi file. Import the first part, then use the Append function within AviDeumx to add the second and third sections. Save as an avi and use the Copy setting for the Video and Audio, so that it will copy without re-encoding and just join the sections.

You can then use something like AVStoDVD to convert the combined avi files into a dvd-video. If you want to make a dvd video that will fit onto a DL disk, all you have to do is set that size output in AVStoDVD. You will get a finished product ready to burn to a disk. You can even set AVStoDVD to automatically burn with ImgBurn at the conclusion of conversion.

A DL blank disk is known as DVD9. A single layer dvd is DVD5. By the way, only use Verbatim brand DL blank disks. That is very important.

Both programs I mentioned are free to use.


Thank you for all your help Kerry. Avidemoux doesn’t only work great, but it’s fast too! I ran into one more problem however. The movie seemed to play fine until what I’m approximating is the second half where there’s the layer break. The movie simply froze. Is this why Verbatim should be used? I already purchased Memorex and had to try it.

Yes, your problem at the layer break is probably due to using Memorex DL media. Very few burners handle them well, and even when they burn, I wouldn’t trust them not to deteriorate.

The only other DL media that is worth trying is Falcon, which can be purchased at a few online shops, like CD Dimensions. Verbatim is much easier to find locally. Best Buy and Office Max carry Verbatim.

[QUOTE=feelthy;2502888]DVD 5/9?[/QUOTE]

I meant “DVD5 or DVD9” withthis.

DVD5 is a singlesided single layer DVD, DVD9 is a singlesided double/Dual layer DVD.