Will some LG burner support dual layer DVD-RAM media, in the future?

I’ve found, that in my job they’ve got several DVD-RAM discs, branded as Emtec (former BASF) and it claims “DVD-RAM Dual layer media / case removable”. I know that there are a lot of drives that support DVD+R DL, but is there any that support DVD-RAM DL ?

Thanx ppl & bye :cool:

Are you sure it isn’t just double sided?

I think that it means double-sided also.

I haven’t read about DL RAM anywhere yet.

Dual Layer DVD-RAM media doesnt exsist yet, anyway they are still running DVD-RAM at 5x max and 16x RAM will be available by the end of the year i guess by the time they ever invent dual layer RAM media Bluray / HDDVD will have already been out for like a year.

oh sorry, I hadn’t realized that it could be dual sided, so the other day I looked at the box and it said that “Dual Sided / 9.4GB”. Sorry if I bothered !

Hey, no problem, it’s a mistake that is easily made. The industry should really make their standards and labels a bit more transparent and coherent… and preferably a lot less of them :slight_smile:

Just wait 'til double sided dual layered blank DVDs are issued!

Now that would be particularly handy.