Will shortage of power supply affect the performance of my dvdrw?

Hi I am new and need your help,

I just purchase a Pioneer 109, and I have probem reading and writing CD/DVD.  When I put in a CD/DVD the DVDRW makes strange noise and just read read read then stop.   I try nero 6 to burn a CD or DVD, nero returns error saying my DVD Writer can't use this media (I am using  Verbatim DVD-R 8X)

I already upgraded my firmware to the newest version. Set Primary Master UDMA5 and Secondary Master UDMA4. Still same thing.

After 2 days, I took the DVDRW back to the shop. The shopkeeper tested it in front of me and it works…read ok, burn ok. He told me it is possible my IDE cable is no good or my Power Supply is not providing enough power to the DVDRW.

I bought a new IDE cable 80way, installed on my PC. Still doesn’t read or write.

Now I donno what to do, do you think it is a problem with my Power Supply? But I think if my power supply is no good the computer should start at all. Also before I buy this DVDRW I was using 1 DVDROM + 1 CDRW and it was ok.

Dear all big brothers, please look at my case and provide some help.

I plan to take the Power Supply from my office PC (Dell) and try it and see if it works tonight.

Thank you so much. :sad: