Will Ritek's ever work on a NEC 2500

my NEC 2500 does not like Ritek disks at all, it burns them fine but they just wont playback.
do you think they will be a firmware update for the NEC 2500 so it will Compatible with riteks ?? ( if this is possible)
also whats the best media to use with my drive then??

Welcome. This topic is very well covered in a number of threads, suggest you have a look around a bit.

just been reading some posts now :slight_smile:

I have successfully burned several Ritek G04 with zero read errors.
No problems with these or with CMC AF1.
They only burn at 4x but zero problems.
I have also tried Maxell 4xDVD+R ( Ricoh) and they burn at 6x. again no problems.
I love this drive so far. I just replaced my still working Pioneer AO5. Sold it to a buddy for 100 bucks and picked this up for 159 plus tax (CDN).
Very happy to back up my data on RWs @ 4 x rather than 2x as well.

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Did you test the Ritek GO4 in a dvd-rom drive or your burner.

Did yo use cdspeed 210 free from ahead (nero) software to test the burned media.

What firmware is on yoiur burner.

I`m sorry I have to ask these questions but many of us who own a NEC 2500A have serious problems with Ritek Media.

Any other DVD brand I have used burns perfectly with the NEC 2500A.

In my experience with the NEC it points to the Ritek media.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Just be patient and wait for the next firmware update where they’ll hopefully fix the g04 issues.

My burner is using the stock 1.06 firmware (december version).
Tested the disks with CD/DVD Speed scandisk as well as DVDInfo pro check media. Also played them back in my JVC XV-N40BK player without problems.
I have used both Nero and Instantcopy 7 for burning.
May just be a difference in the batches of media.
The only disks that have given me any problems are ones that i applied labels to…I dont use labels anymore.

my NEC burns the ritek disks fine , but my my drives are having trouble reading them.

Hi Kirbster,

Thanks for the input.

I will try CMCMAG AF1 Memorex DVD-R 4X media labeled as Memorex and post results.

My Ritek GO4`s are labeled as TDK and Ridata and burn fine in my Plextor 708A. My NEC has Dec 1.06 firmware also.

NEC removed their latest firmware on their UK site so hopefully a new version is in the works.


the memorex cmc mag AF1 work play and test perfectly


the CMC AF1 discs i have i bought very cheap from Tigerdirect.ca and are labeled as Khypermedia. Read some very bad things about this brand name but it looks like i go lucky as they burned well on both my old Pioneer AO5 (OLD !!! only 1 year old and was 400 bucks!!!).
I can’t believe how much has improved in the market in only one year.