Will Ritek Dvd-r 8x(G05)work in 109 f.w.109?



Did anyone try Ritek DVD-R 8x(G05) media with their 109 and firmware 1.09?
The website says the media will work beginning with 1.05???What does this mean…beginning 1.05. I have a Pioneer that came with 1.01 and I flashed to the latest one 1.09. Does this mean that the Ritek media will work?


Yes it will,I bought a 109 Black today in the UK for £58 it came with 1.09 Firmware,have already used it with Shrink/Nero on G05 burnt @4x and 8x no problems.I already have 108 with Gradius 12x rip FW to rip ,the 109 set to burn.


I would think it means any firmware including and after 1.05 supports them. I use Ritek G05’s and they work perfectly with mine (1.05 firmware). They also burn at 12x even though they are rated at 8x.


Thats good to hear, because originally I ordered the A08 and they sent me a 109 instead(A08 out of stock). They told me tough, and they could substitute anything that they wanted too. I already had the Ritek media ordered, because I was expecting the A08. Anyway Im glad to hear that my Ritek media should work with the 109.