Will plextor follow the 24x writing race?

I just posted the article Will plextor follow the 24x writing race?.

Vinculum used our newssubmit to tell us:

Will plextor follows the 24x writing race with PX-W2410x series? CDR-info heard some rumours. This is what they say:


Today we got some…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1732-Will-plextor-follow-the-24x-writing-race.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1732-Will-plextor-follow-the-24x-writing-race.html)

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Where can I win that 24x SCSI one? :slight_smile:

Back off buddy! It’s mine! :wink:

Don’t worry, I think there will be enough for all of us :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s total BS. Sanyo avoid selling directly and use resellers like Plextor and TDK and Mirai and Princo and Creative and so on. Since they won’t sell that new drive directly they will have others sell it for them. So that’s no rumour and junk, it is a natural consequence of the laws of commerce. :7

I certainly got 2yrs with my mitsumi and creative cdrws.Ihave just had my 2224 creative replaced for the second time this time with a 8432.iTs a bit pants but what the hell its better than the original creative crap

A 24x burner? Better have a fire extinguisher near by :7


this would be soooooo great because I was planning on a new writer… And I was planing for the 12x scsi because I dont want the 16x because it doesnt come in scsi but if this it true it would be great news :slight_smile: :slight_smile: plextor just keeps on ruling…

12x, 16x, 24x, what do you have to do? :+ My PlexWriter 8/20 works well even with SD2. :4 I hope that new Plex generation will support it again, most of all if it comes with Scsi interface!!!

Hopefully i will trade my teac 4x4x32 safedisc 2 compatible burner and my plextor 12x10x32 burnproof ide for a 20x or 24x plextor burnproof, ONLY if it is safedisc 2 compatible ! :7:7:7:7:7

Stop talking about Plxtr pleaz as long as they support SD2

Plextor 121032A Firmware 108,Clone CD, No problems with any backups including Safedisc and Safedisc 2. Just check Fast Error Skip and I read at 8X and backed up Black and White, B17 Flying Fortress witch are Safedisc 2. Also tried some Safedisc games and had no problem even playing them on my other computer with just a Creative 52x cd-rom. Can anyone tell me why so many people are having so many problems with there Plextors. Mine is working like a great and I love it.

A lot of people have can’t copy SD2 protected games 'cause your burner doesn’t have a Correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns so, in therory, can’t copy such protection :frowning:

This is unofficial but a friend of me works at plextor belgium , it seems plextor will be releasing a drive like this THIS YEAR!

What about some new firmware for existing Plxtrs?