Will pioneer give us 8x-+DL



Now that 8x dual layer has been finally approved will pioneer give us the much promised upgrade,Ive had my drive for a long time and now is the time for pioneer to get their act together.
What will happen if it wont do the job?will we all be entitled to a newer drive that does support it or will we have to wait for multiple firmware upgrades that do the job.
Finally why does pioneer europe/uk never have the firmware updates as soon as the japanese site,even today (16 Sep) both sites only carry the older firmwares?


The 110D has 8x Dual layer. The 1.17 update for 110D was first avalible at the European site, the japanese site followed a day later. When i check out the european site it seems to be updated with new firmwares … http://www.pioneer-eur.com/eur/content/support/support/software.html#fdvdwriter


Little apology for the above post,I was specifically refering to the 109 although I failed to make this point in my post,so sorry for any confusion.
As to the firmware link the 158 firmware for the 109 appears on the european site and as normal the uk site still lists 1.57.


8x DL for the 109?

No hard feelings, but. Who has infiltrated you with this wishful thinking?


try this it details future upgrade through firmware http://www.pioneer.co.uk/uk/product_detail.jsp?product_id=9914&taxonomy_id=43-92
I meant for dvdrw,once again sori 4 confusion,had a long day.


8x +RW has been finalized AFAIK, but 8x -RW not yet. Also there are many reports about trouble with few 16x media and the CAV mode.

So, I hope, there will be another major firmware upgrade in the near future.


The firmwares originate in Japan, so the .jp site will always have the newest version.
Pioneer Europe/uk take longer to update their sites.

You will NOT get 8x DL writing on the 109.
Pioneer promised 6x DL writing for this model and they delivered it.
If you want 8x DL writing, you’ll have to buy a new drive.