Will Pioneer DV-575A Play Dual Layer DVD's

Will Pioneer DV-575A Play Dual Layer DVD’s


I have f/w 1.05. Will upgrading to 1.09 make a difference?

Any common DVD player will play DL discs. If you mean self-made DLs, then it counts what burner, media and software were used.

Burner: - Pioneer 109
S/W:- Nero
Media:- Verbatim DVD-R (Dual Layer)
Verbatim DVD+R (Dual Layer)

it has to be a really bad burn for the pioneer 575A not to play it mine will play anything chucked at it. best machine ive ever had

:iagree: I love it too.

All the DVD+R DLs that I made (about 10, Verbatim and Ricoh) work fine, I have never used DVD-R DL, however…


Just got this e-mail from Pioneer UK:-

"The DV-575A is not designed to play dual layer DVD-R disks.

We have found that it can play DVD+R Dual Layer disks that have been set with the book type ‘DVD-ROM’, the Pioneer computer DVD+R Dual Layer writers will finalise a DVD+R DL disk with the DVD-ROM book type.

We have produced an updated firmware for your player that can improve the handling of some types of DivX files, if you would like this update sent to you can you please confirm your address, we can send this update to you via a disk."

  1. Check your firmware version first: “Home Menu” > “Initial Settings” > “Options” > and there simply press the “Display” button on the remote. It will display the region and firmware version information.

  2. The latest firmware for DV-575A is 2.09. It is a much better firmware than the earlier one (especially, if you use DivX).

  3. You can upgrade either asking for the firmware from Pioneer or finding v. 2.09 on the net. First method is the safest. Here is a site where v.2.09 is also available, though there is no information whether it is the original one, so download and use it on your own risk: http://www.avland.co.uk/pioneer/dv575/dv575.htm

Good luck.

P.S.: Yes, it can play DVD+R DL disks and very well. :iagree: