Will Pic2Icon work in Mavericks?

I use a mid 2012 Mac Pro; run Mavericks 10.9.1. Will “Pic2Icon” work in Mavericks? If not, what other app can I use to turn JPEG icons into picture icons?:confused:

Pic2Icon will not work in Mavericks. An app that will do the same thing is “ThumbsUp 4.5.1,” which can be found on MacUpdate.com. I’m still working with it and I am having a little trouble making the picture icon look like the jpeg image that I converted from. Any help will be appreciated, as I need to keep it from being a bit distorted.:slight_smile:

I’m sorry I haven’t any help for you as I do not use Macs. You’ll find the vast majority of our members run Windows, with just a few scattered Linux and Mac users.

So, we’re not ignoring you, most of us are just not able to help.

You might want to try at MacRumors, or the Mac subforum at ArsTechnica, or the one at Anandtech.

Thanks, Kerry56, for your prompt reply to my issue!!:smiley:

Happy Holidays!!:clap: