Will people who copy rental dvds go to hell?

Just wondering peoples opinions

Yes they will go to hell after they have gone to blockbuster…

Sure… in hell, burning dvds only gets easier :slight_smile: :a

Of course we wont go to hell. The RIAA will though. Dirty thieves. The movie industry will too, because I said so:)

Only if it’s The Village People Greatest Hits

Isn’t that a blank DVD?

I’m out of my mind right now, but feel free to leave a message… /.

No but they may get so guilt ridden they may do this:

well…i guess i’ll be among great company :slight_smile:

Yes we will:

The RIAA Board of Directors represents leadership from a cross section of record labels. The board members are:

Satan Lucifer Records
Michele Anthony SONY BMG
Polly Anthony Geffen Records
Mitch Bainwol RIAA
Glen Barros Concord Records
Steve Bartels Island Records
Victoria Bassetti EMI Recorded Music
Jose Behar Universal Music Group
Will Botwin Columbia Records Group
Bob Cavallo Buena Vista Music
Mike Curb Curb Records
Ivan Gavin EMI Recorded Music
Charles Goldstuck RCA Music Group
Beelzebub Hell Recording Group
Zach Horowitz Universal Music Group
Don Ienner SONY Music Label Group
Dave Johnson Warner Music Group
Craig Kallman The Atlantic Group
Lawrence Kenswil Universal Music Group
Michael Koch Koch Entertainment
Mel Lewinter Universal Music Group
Nosferatu Vampyre Records
Kevin Liles Warner Music Group
Alan Meltzer Wind-up Records
Deirdre McDonald SONY BMG
David Munns EMI Recorded Music
Jason Flom Virgin Records America
Tom Silverman Tommy Boy Records
Andy Slater Capitol Records
Tom Whalley Warner Bros. Records

The RIAA has a lot of clout, but I’m not sure they have THAT much clout…

hell is where the party’s @!!

We will burn like hell! Imagine: a wall with dvd-burners as high and far as the eye can see!!

i hope not i aint flameproof :a

Eh, just cover yourself with asbestos:)lol.

Droooooool :bigsmile:

Actually, I bet Geno’s house looks like that :stuck_out_tongue:

“Goodness gracious, great balls of fire…!”
"Well you’ll burn, burn, burn…with that ring of FIRE!!!"
Yes…illegal copyists…you will become a DVD…a Digital Versatile Dumpling…in hell!

I won’t try to copy any DVD ever if you let me download original things in at least 1080p legally and at 100MB/s.

Yeah, at least. :bigsmile:

Also, I do think most people here have misunderstood the question. Will people who copy rental DVDs go to hell? It seems I & two others here are the only decent folk around. Backup your own DVD’s, those you own all you want, but stay the fuck away from copying rentals you dirty thiefs!

Actually, why even copy rental DVDs when you can just download them on P2P?

P2P takes time, its just faster driving to the video store.
Or maybe the people with 100MB/s lines have different opinon? lol :disagree:

That is besides the point - most of you are going straight tto hell anyways whether you copy rented DVDs or not :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: