Will pay somone to burn DVD for me



Hey there. I’m willing to pay someone via Paypal to burn 10 DVD copies of a 10 minute video that I will e-mail you. I’ve tried a number of different ways to upload to my computer but it won’t work. I was only able to upload to Windows Media Player but I can’t burn from there for some reason (it will only do CD’s). I give up, its easier to pay someone. Let me know how much and give me your e-mail address for your paypal account and I will send the money (and I’ll e-mail the link to the video) and then I’ll e-mail you my address. Thanks!

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I think we can help you through with this, so no need for any payments. Maybe you could start by telling us whether the file has an .avi or a .mpg extension?


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The video is a link on a website. It looks like it is hosted on streamhoster.com. The link ends with



Click “View” & Then page source.
Do a search the “.wmv”.
Copy and paste the link into your web browser. and then File->Save.

Then you can use avi2DVD or Super to convert it to DVD format.

Please post the referring link.


Apparently I don’t have a dvd burner. Is anyone willing to make a few copies for me? I’ll gladly pay for the cost of DVDs and shipping.


If you have a CD burner you could burn them as VCD/SVCDs - most DVD players should be able to handle this.


That might be a streaming video file in which you have to save it to your HD before you can convert and burn. Also, why pay someone when dvd burners are so cheap here.


It will be way easier to pay someone. If not, I’ll need step by step idiot proof instructions on how to save to hard drive and then burn to CD. I’ll certainly give it a try if someone wants to write all that down.

  1. Post the link to the video, or at least the referring site …
  2. Based on what the format of the video is, we’ll post instructions on how to do it …