Will only burn at 1-2X ? 8X burner?


system is amd +2500 barton chip, Asus A7N8X Deluxe Mobo, 1 Gig Corsair, 2-80 gig hd’s (non raid, setup on a “highpoint” ATA 133 disk accelerator on a open pci slot) that way i free up ide 1 & 2 on mobo for my dvd/rw on ide 1 and my dvd/rom & cd/rw on ide2) all drives seem to function properly with no problems. I have a optorite “DD0401” running xp pro by the way. the burner is (well should be) 8x dvd+r but when I use Roxio 6.0 I can only burn at 1-2 (mostly 1) it takes about 40 min. to burn a movie after using “imgtools” to repack movie. now when I try to copy data it is the same mostly 1X (that sux) I’m using Memorex # 32025550 which according to optorite these should burn at 8X. So then I tried Nero 6.0 and sure it would burn at 8X but the only thing the dvd disk were good for were coasters for my beers and at $2.00 a pop that sux. I tried to have Nero test to see my read speed and it said I need to burn at 2.4X due to my read ability is too slow (something like that but still I dont understand my system is pretty fast and I burn cd/r’s at 35X no problems), so I took it’s advise and tried to burn at 2.4X and now that disk is holding my Beer also so I’m lost, I emailed the builder of the unit twice with no replys (I did upgrade the firmware of course) any ideas??? any would be appreciated.

I have the exact same problem as the guy above me anyone can help please?

3rd party IDE controllers and optical devices, generally, do not get along. The Dolphin brand I know to work well. Promise and Highpoint - no.