Will not update EPG more than two hours ahead!

Help please.
Our Panasonic DVD Recorder model DMR-ES20D (Not in this sites listing) has stopped updating the EPG, and now only shows programs about two hours ahead.
The “EPG in Standby” and “Quick Start” options are both on and the recorder is left plugged in on standby ready for the automatic update. Although we have seen the display showing “GUIDE” at 0315 in the morning the EPG is not updated.
Everthing else is working well, is there an internal fault or are we perhaps missing something?

This thread seems to be the most relevant one.
You don’t say which EPG is not working for you.
If it is the cable or sat one then you need to contact the provider of the service.
If it is local OTA then this is controled by information in the signal sent by each individual station.
What I would try is unplug your recorder for about 1/2 hour then plug it back in .This should reset it.
I have to do this regularly on my DVDPal converter box.This is partly the boxes fault & partly the local stations fault.Maybe it will do the same for you.

Thanks for your reply.
We are using an outside digital aerial (OTA) and the DVD recorder shows excellent signal strength.

I shall try unpluging the set as suggested, thanks for that.

Hi Cholla
We turned our DVD recorder off for a couple of hours as you suggested and WOW! The EPG is back!
Thanks for such a simple fix, great advice,

Your welcome wahaoil;
Glad it worked.
DTVPal’s converter box requires an unplug on a regular basis.
So I figured it might work for other units.
My other converters or recorders with digital tuners have never needed a reset like this.
Have a Merry Christmas