"Will not play on PC/MAC"

I’m a newbie (just installed a brand new LiteOn-48125W) and I started to “play” with protections. :bigsmile:
I put the latest Ozzy’s live (“Live at the Budokan”) that has a little black on white box with the above writing…and Winamp started to play it with no problem! :rolleyes:
The question is:

  • Is it Winamp to bypass to protection?
  • Is it the CD-RW to do it?
  • What else?
    I’m pretty sure that the CD is protected as ClonyXXL reports…ehm…:confused:…maybe 4 skulls.

I did a backup copy of the CD with CCD4 and ClonyXXL reports no protection on the new CD, is it normal?!

Andrea “Rigido”. :bigsmile:

Audio protections are hardware based. That is: you need the right reader to read the orginal. Apparently your reader is able to read Key2audio. After ripping or cloning the cd, the protection is always gone. See the last item in my signature for more information.

i copied key2audio with my lite-on too. But there seem to be different versions.