Will not burn iso file

I have made a IFO file but each time I try to burn it to a dvd I get the message “cannot open file F:\dvd.isoVTS_01_0_IFO”

I have tried with the last version of DvdFabPlat and the new v5 but both come back with the same message.

Is there something I am doing wrong??


Try to rename it to dvd.iso

IFO files are the files inside (and VOB och BUP) the ISO file.

it is showing the name dvd.iso already

It only shows “cannot open file F:\dvd.isoVTS_01_0_IFO” in the error message.

Open platinum, click on [B]Write Data[/B] > click on the [B].ISO icon [/B](far right of [B]Source[/B]). See the attachment below:

The Write data function will allow you to burn the .ISO file without re-ripping.
If you’re not going to burn directly, skip the Write Data and click on the .ISO icon and simply navigate to your saved image

I have clicked on the write data, and the next screen only shows a blank gray screen, (not the one you are showing me) with the start button. when I click on the start button I get that error message.

How did you create this ISO file?

with dvdfab, full disc, target set to HD

Have also used clone to create an image and use by still get the same message “cannot open file F:\dvd.isoVTS_01_0_IFO”