Will Nexus and Smartypants ever marry?

It’s clear that Nexus is totally in love with smartypants, no need to deny it! But they’re both still young and inexperienced, do you think they’ll get married?

Who is Smartypants?

Ain’t nothing wrong w/ gay marriage… unless it’s between two bearded fat man like nexus and smarty… Now if it’s between two hot chicks… :drool:

Who is nexus? Is s/he related to Lexus? :bigsmile:

“No, Nexus is mine!”

I knew the stored knowlege of whips and chains exiting this one would come in handy

Who’s Nexus?

Who’s smartypants?

Aren’t they those two old angry men up the balcony from the Muppet show!!

While SmartyPants can be quite intelligent when she wants to , James however usually replies with intelligent posts. It could be a match made in heaven , but i’d think it would be hell for both of them if they ever get married :slight_smile:

Maybe one of those “Paradise by the dashboard lights” moments for them ? :bigsmile:

Aren’t they already married?

The last time I spoke with Nexus he said to me that they had already adopted a kid from Zambia or something.

Good for them. One big happy family.

Problem is … being intelligent (aka: nerdy) is not cool, especially for young kids :stuck_out_tongue: hence, she rarely wants to be, excepting cases when men exert their Natural Authority over the female half of the species :stuck_out_tongue: