Will new 457x firmwares improove the drives, if they ever come?

My point of view, is that these drives have a hardware problem and NEC wants to release a new drive first, rather than a new firmware, so that it won’t be obvious that its latest (& supposed to be greatest) drive sucks. Probably it suits it well when people blame the firmware. My 4570 is lighter even from my tiny Lite-on DVD-ROM drive. Doesn’t look like its made out of qaulity matterials.

Yes, IMHO this drive will burn better than pio 111 with new 1.02 firmware. I hope that NEC release it this or next week.

It will undoubtedly improve with future firmware updates.
The ND-3520 was in most parts pretty bad when it arrived on the market.

I hope so. :confused:

I agree with Dee.

What’s all that fuzz about bad recording and this drive ? I mean, is there any problem with drive when you use good quality brand media with certified speeds ?

Can someone post documented, hard proof evidence that this drive doesn’t do well with recording comparable to older NEC drives ? I’ve read all that scans page and found none single evidence of any problems except individual minnor reports of bad recording performed on low cost media.

I want to say that I have 2510, 3520 and now 4571 and I must admit I can’t find any big improvments in this new drive but can’t find any bugs either!?

ENG: It will release from 2 to 23 of June, 100% guarantee by my 6th sense. :bigsmile:

ITA: verrà sicuramente rilasciato tra 2 il e il 23 giugno, in estate infatti non hanno mai rilasciato nulla, e non possono slittare ad ottobre. :slight_smile:

What? It will slip to October?

So, how do you justify the long delay?

Vi spiego meglio, purtroppo solo in italiano perchè il discorso è un pò complesso per il mio pessimo inglese (posso provare dopo con power translator): la NEC in estate non ha mai rilasciato nessun aggiornamento firmware, i mesi utili ai 2 estremi sono giugno e ottobre. Per questo credo che verrà rilasciato questo mese, non posso slittare ad ottobre, sarebbe veramente scandaloso.

PS: english translation is coming soon…

EDIT: english translation is here!

NEC in the summer has never released any updating firmware, the useful months to the 2 extreme they are June and October. For this I believe that this month will be released, they cannot skid to October, it would be really scandalous.

By power translator.

where are these firmware updates ? :frowning:

The 4570/71 produces very bad burns on MCC 004 as well as YUDEN000 T02. There are multiple scans in the NEC forum and this problem has been well reported. I have never seen any other drive that does so poorly with TY +R.
If you check the forums you will see why we are so disappointed.

I think there isn’t a bad burner—> I have always used LG but after 4 or 5 burns it becomes crazy!!!After I bought Pioneer until 110 D but it makes noise and it isnt I think a good player or decrypter but only a good burner…Now I 'm using nec 4550A and 4571A.Althought 4571 has not good fimware i think NEC is a good burner…Which are your opinion?:slight_smile: