Will Nero convert .WAV files into .CDA to create a audio CD?

Need to create a audio cd to listen to in my car. Will Nero also do the conversion from wav to cda? If not, what is the software that I will need to create high quality audio CDs?

Yes, Nero will do this, just use “Audio CD” mode and drag and drop the audio files you want to be converted.

Ben :slight_smile:

I tried it and it will not work. I get a message “some files could not be added,” and I am only trying to convert one file.

First, I started with an avi file. Next I used Adobe Audition to open the avi file. Then I selected open audio from video file. After I opened it I saved the wav file to a folder.

Then I tried to use Nero.

Can you play the WAV file in WinAmp or whatever app you play audio on?

The WAV has what exact format?
Could be 5.1 and this is not what CDDA compatible is.