Will Nero 8 Ultra Install on Vista 64 bit?

I just had to buy a new PC after a prior one would no longer boot.

This one is an i7 920 with 6 GB 1333 RAM set up. But when I try to install Nero 8 UE, the software says something like

Another program needs a restart of your machine. Please restart to complete this Nero installation.

The problem is after a restart, it just says the same thing. The prior machine was Vista 32 system, this one is a Vista 64 one. Many other 32 bit programs installed fine.

The machine also has the Cyberlink Hi-Def Suite installed. Could that be the problem?

Please help. I cannot install Nero 8 UE on this machine, and really want to. I may “upgrade” to 9 later, but I can’t see doing so if this 8 will not install.

There should be no problem installing Nero 8 on Vista x64, as that was what I was using. Recently upgraded to the Win7 beta 64-bit on that box, and Nero 8 still works quite well. If it’s a new install, it very well could be Windows updates or other updates causing the issue. Have you tried a few reboots without trying to install Nero?

It is a new install. Each time I tried the install, it told me to reboot, I did, and it still provides the reboot message. I even tried the Clean Tool in the middle, and after it ran, I still had the same message. Maybe it is Windows Update. Twice it told me to “update” my Ethernet board’s driver and twice I lost my Internet connection until I rolled back the driver (to a newer driver, apparently). I am skipping those optional updates on that hardware, for now.

Here’s hoping Nero Tech support has a solution.

The bad news: Nero tech support is a big dud to me, with no response to email or filling out a request on website.

The good news: Nero 8 is now installed and updated to v. because I clicked on a file of a slightly earlier update, and it started the install with an additional option to rebooting; continue. I did, and it installed. Then running check for updates, it updated again. Yahoo!

Glad to hear you got it installed!

Thanks, funny, but just this morning, I rec’d an email from Nero tech support. They suggest I do, what I did, download and run CleanTool, and install from downloaded latest file, NOT DISK. Wow, good thing I knew to do that, too.

I’m running Nero on Vi$ta 64 bit Ultimate no problems.