Will NEC up the speed of the 3500 like Plextor?

Seeing as Plextor are announcing speed upgrades via f/w for the PX-716A, namely 6x DVD +/-R DL and 8x DVD+RW, what is the likelyhood of NEC doing the same for the 3500? Is it even possible?

Will they just forget the 3500 and concentrate on the 3520 and beyond?

No. The 3520 is the answer.

It is probably possible, everything spins the speed the firmware tells it to, somethings can be set to go faster without a different chipsets, motor, etc.

if nec were to increase the speed of the 3500 then what incentive would anyone have to buy the 3520. now nec lovers are going to have to run out and buy another drive to increase their burning speed.

i don’t think DL speed matters at the moment, especially seeing as even the 2.4x media costs about $5 a piece.

By the time DL media becomes affordable, I expect we’ll have 8x DL drives (and minus) I’m not ditching my 3500 yet!

Although this is the 2nd drive I’ve heard about to beat 4x DL (think the other was a Samsung 5x…?)

DL speed indeed doesn’t matter at the moment, but what I would like to see is the upgrade to support -DL media. Who knows, maybe the price for -DL will be much lower, compatibility higher, …

Seeing as the 3500 is becoming their most popular drive it seems stupid (from my point of view, not the corporate greed machine) to force us into buying new technology that other vendors seems to be able to incorporate into existing drives.

Addmitedly Plextor hasn’t got another drive higher than the 716A yet so they’ve concentrated on their most current drive, even Toshiba is adding faster DVD-R speeds via f/w and Lite-On has announced (but not yet delivered) a f/w upgrade for the 1663S to add 4x +R DL recording.

Are NEC so scared about straying from standards and tolerances that they have to design a brand new drive to implement features that other manufacturers seem to be able to implement via f/w into existing kit?

As has been mentioned, why implement faster DL speeds anyway if the cost of the media is still too high for most users? So far only Verbatim seem to produce reliable DL media so maybe the lack of competition keeps the price high?

So, could this f/w announcement by Plextor be a carrot to make people buy their drive :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly, the 3500 was the/one of the first drives of it’s type. It may not be capable of writing faster than it does and still preseve it’s near legendary write quality. Personally I will choose quality over speed everytime.

I haven’t anything that suggest that the 716A could be considered much more than a mediocre drive. To make it a “Faster” mediocre drive seems pointless…

Points taken!

Was just hoping NEC still valued it’s customers enough to enhance the features of the 3500. Would just like to see what the expected ‘shelf life’ of the 3500 is before having to worry about a new burner, but as many people have pointed out some of the competition are adding support for little used or not yet available features due to media shortage/price.

Basically you’re telling me to quit complaining, enjoy what i’ve got and be thankfull I didn’t buy Plextor :bigsmile:

LOL :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: