Will nec 3520 support dvd-r9?





I don’t think so.

dvd-r9 = dvd-r DL ? If that’s what I think it means, I believe that it will never support it. Only dvd+r DL. The hardware is what it is, and no firmware can change that.

But I am only 99.999999999999999% sure. Maybe someone else who actually KNOWS can confirm this.


It is supported on mine. I am running Liggy’s 1.UF firmware.

See attachment for DVD-R DL write support.


ok sorry, i don’t know what i am talking about :frowning:

that is why i left 00.111111111111111% :slight_smile:

Liggy 1.uf (or whatever it’s called), here i come!!!

I was already using liggy and dee’s f/w (based on 3.04) and i just downloaded dvdinfopro.

I had always just used nero’s info tool, which doesn’t even show dvd-r dl. So now I’m all confused :slight_smile:

What is the difference between liggy 3.04 and liggy 1.uf? Sorry I haven’t read up on this.


sweet anyone try it out?


Ha, You couldn’t even get that right Rclayton21

00.111111111111111% you say?


You mean


Oh, and don’t shout your mouth off when you don’t have a clue what your talking about, its entierly inappropriate when someone is asking a specific question, NOT an opinion so don’t get snooty with me…

ahh yes, and wipe your mouth with some toilet paper it seems to be running.


Actually it is… 0.000000000000001% =)


Looks like you couldn’t get it right either.
… should be 00.000000000000001
So don’t be so critical of others!

EDIT: WOW Quikie … your are fast!


So is it an error in the reporting software or can the 3520 burn dl dvdr-rs?


Yes 3520 can burn DVD-R DL (anybody even bothered looking at the official specs of the drive before asking? Or maybe looked into the CDFreaks first look of DVD-R DL? ) =)


Newegg only lists dl dvd+r and I never bothered to look into it any further because I’m not paying the exorbitant prices for a dl disc. But it’s nice to know we have the option of either one if the prices ever come down on dl discs. My 3520 will probably be worn out by then anyway though. :smiley:


Yes your right…

I’m a critical person sometimes, just annoying that people post to help others only it doesn’t help, especially when they say something that isn’t true and they are 99.99999999999…9999…blahblah% certain.

They’re not certain, they’re unsure and if they’re unsure - don’t post in this kind of situation…

And yes the topic starter should have had a look about first, but then everyone does that don’t they these days and that can’t be stopped no matter how hard you push the point home.

Only intention was for good information, not that I actually care since it doesn’t help me, but best to keep a forum from degenerating into the state of…

99.99999999999% of other forums on the net :wink:

(I could be wrong tho :wink:


sorry don’t take it personally, im just grumpy


If you had taken the latest version of Nero DVD Info Toll you would have senn it as well.



ok, well I’m sorry I posted. I have learned my lesson sniff sniff

I guess I will only ask questions from now on since I am not 100% sure about anything. :confused: I am just a young grasshopper in training.


dvd-r9 @ 4x?




I haven’s laughed that much for a long long time!!!


what? what?

skeet skeet?


Can the 3520 burn blu-ray discs?



Yes… and it can even make you coffee in the morning.