Will ND-3520A support Lightscribe?

I see this on NEC’s support website. :o They gonna be add support Lightscribe to ND-3520A :eek:


It says: “this update does not add a “lightscribe technology” function”, so the answer is no.

It doesn’t mean “no”, cuz when they said no support in this update. It means they will be add this function in the future update.

Sorry, hard to believe that. Why? Simply because LS function can’t be added (only) by a firmware upgrade, to my knowledge. :wink:

Check in this page and you may understand why. Compare with ND-3520 unit.

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no need to put the notice line on support website if they didn’t mind to support that.

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IMO, the best for NEC is just to forget about LightScribe and concentrate all efforts on future techologies like HD-DVD , aso. :cool:

<=== Anyway, im a old member. :bigsmile:
Yeah, noticed that… but, first post was 1hr ago. :smiley:

In My Opinion, that’s a good news for ND-3520A owner.
I guess 3520A drives have enough hardware power. NEC just waiting for licensed?

with minimal hardware and firmware modifications, Lightscribe-licensed drives can burn labels on LightScribe media using the drive’s existing laser.

I’m not the first to disappoint all ND-3520 owners about LightScribe… Read here. :wink:

who cares nec3520 got LS or not.
ther r other drives out there wish LS.

The ND-3520A will never support Lightscribe.

I take that as a final nail in ND-3520 LS coffin. :bigsmile:

Who cares!!! Drives with it burn DL a lot slower so to me its a step backwards. :eek:

I mailed NEC and they say no.

I think that is a given considering it says that. :confused:
“This update does not add a “lightscribe technology” function.”

Of course it will support it, NEC are well known for releasing regular updates for their drives as well as adding upgrade speeds to older drives for free rather than just releasing a brand new drive which only has an improvement of a write speed 2x faster on a single type of media so for them to implement the lightscribe chipset in a drive before its main backer even released their own drive makes perfect sense.

Not a hope in hell my friends, it is a chance to release another drive isnt it and coin in on the punters that only bought a new drive only 6 months (or less) ago.

Lightscribe is both a firmware and a hardware thing…the 3520 CAN NOT do Lightscribe ever!

I don’t know why lightscribe is such a demanded thing.

The lightscribe labels are frankly quite terrible, with a horrible brown/black colour scheme. Also, lightscribe labels will fade under indoor lighting (after about 8 months) and much quicker under sunlight.

The writing time is also quite painful … 30 minutes just to draw your label on the disk.
Hardly seems worth the wait for what you get.

Anyone chomping at the bit for lightscribe, do yourself a favour and get a inkjet cd printer.

Or a sharpie. :slight_smile: