Will my pc EXPLODE ?!



my pc has a poor PSU, with a bad chasis and a bad cooling and bad fans, now what are the chances that my pc will catches fire or explode? see i’ll be leaving my pc unattended for long periods of time, and i fear that it might burnt down my whole house when i came back, no really, i’m serious.

the weather’s been quite cool lately, so i’m guessing it won’t overheat as long as the fans are still working, but i don’t know about my psu, it’s brandless and underpowered, and in recent past, has have power hiccups in which my pc, all of the sudden, begins turining off then on then off and on rapidly, i plug the plug in time to prevent more damage, although my pc DID went dead for 10 mins, giving off the “fried ram” beeping signal, however the next day the dead pc came back to life, for unknown reasons.

what concerns me the most is that if i leave my limping pc on for long periods of time (50hours or more) will it explode? i really do not wish to come home seeing my percious house…you know.

so please help me if you can, although i cannot replace components in my pc, it’s personal.

many thanks for the great help here.

250w brandless psu
asus mb
p4 2.6
1gb ram
60gb hd
gf6600 pcie
tv card
dvd rom
dvd writer


dude, haven’t you posted this before? if you are this worried, why not just get another psu


Reading posts like that gets to me seriously -I’ve had a really bad day today when I learn that TY media last 1 year - Anyways, is this a serious request ??? Unless you want to end up with trouble down the line, get a better PSU get a better system get a better case get better cooling. I have seen cases of piss poor PSU catching fire and making a loud pop, that’s what you get with cheap arsed generic CRAP power supplies. I think the PSU is the most important investment, get a QUALITY PSU from Enermax or Antec (some people prefer enermax) and get peace of mind - I use 2 ANTEC 550W TrueControl 2.0 on both my systems and they are on 24/7 365 days a year and nothing has EXPLODED yet :smiley:


Actually, Antec’s quality control (or more specifically, that of the manufacturers who made power supply units for Antec) has slipped noticeably. Part of the problem is that their units are equipped with ineffective cooling fans, resulting in the units’ internal temperatures to rise above the maximum handling temperature capacity of some of the components inside the units. (Remember, Antec’s power supply units, as a group, favor low noise over adequate internal cooling.)


i’m so sorry, it appears i have angerd some of you, but i just want you to know that i’m very serious and not fooling around, i’m worried that my pc might catches on fire and burn my house, a while ago a dell or sony notebook blew up in a conference meeting, i just don’t want the same thing to happen.

i’m serious, really i am, so please help me, and no i can’t change the psu, if i could, i would have done it a long time ago and i wouldn’t be here today, i don’t mind losing my pc, but i really don’t want to lose my house.

i really don’t.


I would like to know which models are affected - I have always used Antec and have built my 2 systems around Antec 550W TrueControl and both units are on 24/7. They each have an exhaust fan and a bottom fan to suck out the hot air from the CPU area - These fans are quiet because they are controlled automatically - speed rises depending on heat. Also as a rule I try to get the highest rating of PSU I can afford, or a higher rating than my requirements - If you get a PSU borderline with your requirements of course there will be more heating - And if your AC power flucuates a lot or is <100VAC, PSU will work harder, and therefore will overheat. There are lots of factors. I have heard BFG and OCZ have some power supplies out too…


I’m sure you must have heard of the massive notebook recalls - the notebooks that exploded contained faulty batteries (i.e. Sony batteries) this was a known problem and was exposed in the media and on the internet.
It’s different.

As to your PC, nobody can GARANTEE you that you have no risk of fire. I mean you can never know - If it isn’t your PC, it can be a short in your wall outlets. Make sure you plug your PC in a quality surge protector and that your main circuit breakers are working properly. If you are so concerned you can even install a GFI on your outlet which will cut off power if there is a short or a disruption in the + / - current flow, but nothing can GARANTEE anything. I HAVE heard of PSUs bursting into flames, those were very poor, cheap arsed, PSUs. But I have not heard of houses burning down because of a bloody power supply. Honestly I would not leave a PC on 24/7 with a poor quality PSU, I personally would not be comfortable with that. Get yourself a good quality PSU, a lot of new PSUs have built in protection (surge protection, short circuit protection, etc…) It’s very rare nowadays that PSUs explode, odds are more likely your PSU will die one day or you will start to see system failure long before a fire occurs and burns down your house or your entire neighbourhood - I think you are worried for nothing - Just take the advice and get a better PSU - the last thing you want is for poor heating and an overheating PSU :smiley:

Disclaimer: I’m not garanteeing ANYTHING - there is always a fire risk anywhere you go - If you take safety measures you can reduce risks. I’m telling you this so you don’t sue me if your house burns down - :D:D:D


there are a few things you can do to help, your psu will still be very near max output, but it will at least be a little lower than it is now.

  1. pull the dvd-rom, just use the burner for reading
  2. try underclocking and undervolting the cpu
  3. unless you absolutely must have it, pull the tv tuner and any other pci cards you aren’t using

total savings: anywhere from 12-35w

a better solution would be a decent power supply and a couple fans, which can easily be had for around $50 total

some food for thought: a psu can catch fire when it fails, but its not very likely, what is much more likely is the psu will die quietly but take some other components with it, motherboard, cpu, ram, video card, possibly the HDD and all your data. this psu is literally a ticking time bomb, psu’s don’t like to be overloaded or overheated, sounds like both are happening in your system, it will fail sooner or later

BTW, I don’t mean to sound harsh, these are just the facts :flower:


i understand, i’m expecting it to fail soon, i do have a quality surge protector, which i plugged my pc to, after some thought, i decided to take up the advice you all gave me and turn off my pc when not in use, it’s just not worth it. if it breaks and catches fire, i’ll make sure it happened in front of me, so that atleast i can call 911 or pour water on it in time so my house doesn’t go boom.

thanks for all your help, thank you.


LOL the last thing you want to do is pour water on fire - Get yourself a lovely invention called a fire extinguisher, but don’t use water - And I think the best advice for you is to get a new power supply - Frequent on/off cycles will not help your PSU - remember there is an initial strain on your components when you turn on your PC. There is no reason for your PSU to burn up unless it is overloaded - Which is why get a better PSU that has a higher rating than you need - One day when you press the on button on your PC and nothing comes on you’ll at least know why. :slight_smile: Also a surge protector will NOT protect your PSU from catching fire - it will protect against power surges and clamp/cutoff before it has a chance to damage your PC. Something tells me that you’ve been in a fire before (just a hunch).


I haven’t laughed this hard in a while, thanks for the entertainment!

It’s times like this that make me think that humanity might be better off if all of the warning labels were removed from all potentially dangerous products and let Darwinism do its thing.


That are Laptops, they have Akkus, not PSUs.

250W for your system is slowly overkill.


There may well be a setting in the BIOS to shutdown if the CPU temp goes too high so this can be used as a safeguard.

I would have thought that a shutdown is the worst that’s likely to happen but I’d suggest that you may sure that you have removed as much dust from fans , filters etc so as to get as decent an airflow as possible.

You could also direct cooler air from a domestic fan towards the PC. I did this when we had a heatwave & it seemed to help.




Hmmm, I’ve been looking for possible reasons why the only PSU I have had die prematurely (indeed, the only dead PSU I have ever experienced) was an Antec unit, now I know why.


The problem with Antec’s choice of fans is that their speed just doesn’t rise high enough even at full load, resulting in the exhaust coming out of the units themselves becoming much hotter than they should be. IMHO I’d rather have an extremely loud unit with adequate cooling than a quiet unit with feeble cooling.


That’s probably a good idea, my last PC had a real POS PSU, and though it didn’t explode when I left it running 24/7, it did die a bit quicker (quietly, without taking anything else out thank God).

I really do recommend you replace that PSU as soon as you can, though. :wink:

And as mentioned, do NOT pour water on an electrical fire :disagree:


If it belonged to a dear departed friend or something, the last thing they’d want is for it to send you to join them.

If it’s a micro case of some kind, where it’s not practical or possible to replace, then you have a problem, but otherwise, it could well be a case of - change the PSU, or lose the lot. A bad PSU is more dangerous to the other system components than to anything else, though Tom’s Hardware did manage to burn up a couple under overload.


Change case, change PSU, problem solved. Although everyone here seems to be correct about Antec slipping on quality control over the years. Lots of people complain about some of Antec’s PSU’s. Although I’ve ran my Antec TP 480 Blue for over 120 hours continously without burning my house down. But then again I bought my PSU before Antec started having QC issues that buyers are reporting at newegg. Though I heard PowerPC & Cooling PSU’s are really good. In all honesty I’m still wondering though coolaid, do you really think it’s worth the risk to burn your home down or would you rather pay a good buck or two for a quality PSU? Paying $200 is better than losing $200K dollars.


I don’t see anything funny about this - the guy has concerns, and he’s established he’s being serious about it, so why make it harder on him than it is right now ? No matter how much sticky labels you put on products people don’t read warnings. Houses catch fire, do you see a label on your PSU saying " May burn down your house " ? You can’t predict bad luck / freak accidents. I DO KNOW cases of burning power supplies that caught fire, so I don’t see this as a laughing matter. Burning down houses, that’s another story.