Will My Lite-on 32X CDRW work with a Mac

Hi ,
Will My Lite-on 32X CDRW work with a Mac,my sister is a Mac user and I want to give her my Lite-on
I know that the software for windows won’t work, but are Mac and Windows Drives the same
Thank you for any info

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well, i’m not very good with mac, but there isn’t anything in the drive that should keep it from working with a mac. Most likely, you would just have to obtain either Toast or NeroMAX burning software, and you would be good to go.

Sorry, but according to the Lite-on 32X/12X/40X CD-RW DRIVE LTR-32123S / LTR-32125W Specifications, only Windows operating systems are supported.

I suppose that could be interpreted to mean that it will only work with Windows with the packaged software.

Apparently, that is what it does mean, because the Roxio Mac software (Toast, Jam) supported recorder information states:

Toast 5.1 or later and Jam 5 or later should support all IDE drives that follow the MMC (Multi-Media Command set) standard.

It looks as compu44 stated, that the Lite-on should work with a Mac as long as Mac burning software is used.

It could work, as it does work with Linux as well…


It looks like I will have to just try it and see if it works,luckly most of us don’t have Mac’s (hehe)
Thank for the help


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Post your results. Mac users might love such a cheap alternative in a world filled with expensive components from Apple.