Will my current Cd burner burn ps1 "backup's"?

Some pages on here are to confusing saying you need certin burners and what not (dont want to spend $27 if i cant burn backup’s)
Ill try and be exact as possible

My burner

BUSlink UII-RW52E CD-RW Burner

Key Features
Burner Type CD-RW

Storage Type Disk Drive

Read Speed 52x (CD)

Write Speed 52x (CD)

ReWrite Speed 24x (CD-RW)

Enclosure Type External

Platform PC
Technical Features
Interface USB 2.0

Supported CD Formats CD-ROM Mode 1 • CD-R • CD-RW

Supported Media Writing Standards CD-R • CD-RW


Memorex Music CD-R’s (sure i have to get different ones but like almost all others cheapest ones i buy)

Cant find the details on it (besides a pdf and my pc hates them)
Pdf can be found at

Plz help me

Any CD burner can burn PS1 backups.

It’s just a matter of finding a way of booting them up.

okay sweet thank you

this is one i’m most likely gonna purchase

PS-X-Change 2 ModChip CD

I’ve never heard of the PS-X-Change 2 Modchip CD before. Is it supposed to be a boot CD like Breaker Pro? :confused:

@ Drag00nslayer As long as you buy it because you cant backup a boot disc…

Yes its a boot disk sonemore

madmax is correct. You can’t backup a boot disc - only original games or games that have already been backed up (from one CD-R to another blank CD-R).

Judging from your first post, I thought that you wanted to find out if your CD burner supported burning PS1 games.

All CD burners support the burning of PS1 games - but not a single CD burner can burn the PlayStation boot sectors hence the reason why we need to find a method of bypassing the boot sectors so that we can boot up the backup discs. As far as I know though, it is not possible to make a successful backup of a boot disc. And by successful I mean finding a method of booting up the backup of the boot disc without the need to “mod” your system.

The boot disc method often involves having an original disc in the first place or a disc that [I]acts[/I] like an original game so that you can fool the system into thinking that you’ve got an original game in the drive.

So instead of loading an original game (like you’ve just fooled the system into thinking), you’re loading program code instead which in turn allows you to boot up those backups that don’t have the boot sectors located anywhere on the disc.

I hope that this clears things up. :wink: