Will my comp handle a dvd burner?



I don’t know if it should go here or not. I just want to make sure that my DVD Burner works smooth and sound. I am thinking of getting a NEC 3550A. What do you think about them? OK, here are my specs, if you need anymore, just ask.

80 GB Harddrive (62% free)
256 RAM
Intel Pentium 4

I already have a CD Burner. I think it should handle it. What do you guys think?


Put the DVD drive on an IDE channel (cable) separate from the hard drive [if it’s a PATA drive] and you’ll be fine.

An 80 GB drive should be able to provide 22 MB/s needed for 16x burning [although I am not entirely sure about very early 20 GB/platter, 5400 RPM models from around 2001 - hope you aren’t using one of those!]. Keep it defragmented in any case.

3550A is an okay drive, but I would recommend a Lite-On 165*6S or a BenQ DW16** drive if you plan to do quality scans of the DVDs you burn; 3550A is a fickle scanner.


Agree with agent009. Yes of course your Pentium 4 should be fine, even more than one dvd burners!

I’d suggest upgrading your RAM to at least 512MB.


What do you mean a fickle scanner? Why would I scan the DVDs I would burn? What really is scanning? (I am new to this)


Hi there

Scanning is to check the quality of the burn, so you can see if it good for archiving or worth trying again…generally, a good disk like verbatim would usually produce a good burn though :slight_smile:

I agree your comp should handle easily, but maybe up ram to 512MB (not essential though).



Scanning means checking for errors and/or failures (parity inner errors/failures and parity outer failures, PIE, PIF, and POF). Some drives (not all) are capable of checking these. However, not all are created equal in their abiltiy to accurately scan these. Lite-Ons and Benqs seem to be the most consistent with this feature.

Some people scan just to post their exceptional scans, others to check consistentcy among media, and it can also alert you to problems with a burner before it starts producing an onslaught of coasters. It’s up to you to decide how anal retentive you want to be with this if you even do it at all. (I do every disc, so that if I have problems later on with a disc, I can go back and rescan and compare).

You can use Nero CD/DVD speed to scan. This is the place to go cdspeed2000.com. Easy to use, and several tests you can run.


What is a coaster?


A failed burn, or a burn with so many errors that it’s unreadable (or as close as).

Just my interpretation. :slight_smile:


As for your original question - if my lowly P4 1.4gig, 512 megs of RAM can handle two, and my Celeron 1.2 gig, 512 megs of RAM can handle one (so far), yours should be just fine.


Should be no prob, might be a little slow with 256 ram, would ugrade to 512 min. I ran my ND-3500 on a P3 500mhz with 512 ram for 6 mos. before I got a new computer. It just took 2x-3x as long to burn a disc, but they came out fine. [U]Make sure to enable DMA[/U] :iagree:


Yeah, I know about DMA. If I put the burner on the second slot, would I make it a master?


If it’s at the end of the cable, master…if in the middle, slave.

Remember to set your drive jumpers accordingly. :wink:


Thanks guys, this site is very helpful.


Great advice on the memory upgrade to 512!