Will my CD get ruined?

hey guys,
I am new to this forum and I have absolutely no knowledge about CDs
SO if you guys can help me out, would really appreciate it.

I gave a CD to my friends, its a netters CD that came with the book…
NOw that CD is my LIFE. I cannot study without it…ever. I will be screwed majorly if anything happened to my CD.
This dude is trying to burn it, he said he will try to figure out a way to burn it…I shudnt have given it to him in the first place… dammit.

anyways, so my question is, Is there a possibility that he could destroy the CD in the process of burning it? LIke after burning it , my CD will not work AT ALL?
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is stressing me out so much.

please let me know soon :frowning:
thankyou guys

Welcome to the Freak Show…

WE are your friends now :smiley:

If your other friend says he´s “trying” to burn your CD, then maybe you should worry…possibly he doesn´t really know what he´s doing, but actually he can´t damage your CD by the act of copying it. By “burning” it he means copying the tracks to his hard drive, then burning them back to a new blank disc.

But please remember, CDFreaks rules state that copying copyright material for others or that doesn´t belong to you is not condoned here.

If you just want a back-up copy to protect your original…then you need a good software for that…many are available. If you are unsure how…please come back and someone will advise you how to do this yourself.