Will my burner use Dual layer discs?

Hello Everybody,

Sorry if this is a redundant question. So far I have sucessfully made backups with my current system. But I have a movie favorite of mine that is the 7-8 gigabyte range that I want to keep all the features intact.

I have windows vista 32.

My Burner is supermulti writer LG GSA-E60L

My software is DVDcloner 6.

I found a website saying that it can, but I do not want to waste any money buying something that isn’t going to work. Those dual layer disc are expensive!!!


I’d use Verbatim +R double layer disks only. And I prefer ImgBurn for this type of burn.

You have the choice.

Either use a DL (from Verbatim) and create a 1:1 copy. To achieve this I recommend using DVDDecrypter or DVDFabDecrypter and create a image/ISO. Burn this to DVD9 (DL) by using the free Imgburn.

OR you rip the movie to hdd (see first choice) and then recode it by using DVDShrink to a size below 4.4 GB…

Thanks Everybody,

I think I found the perfect web community to hang out in. Alot of “knowledgeable” people around. I am going to learn so much. Thanks Again!!!