Will my Benq 1640 able to burn these DVD+R DL from TDK?

Hi yall !

I found this nice price for a-grade dvd+r DL !

I am wondering if my burner will be able to handle with good quality/coaster ratio this product :


I understand that this media looks too recent for my burner that should only be able to burn in 2.4X, and media strategy might be missing for this media, but maybe I could use MediaCodeSpeedEdit to add strategy ? what do you think ?

Thank you for your enlighted comments :bow:


Hi sebmex,
this offer looks quite suspicious - I never heard about unbranded TDK media and TDK does not make any DL media by itself (“stock of TDK-production”), so those media are most likely made in Asia and do have a faked Ricoh MID.
And even if they are really legit TDK media (made by Ritek or MBIL), still most burners cannot handle them, especially the older drives like your DW1640.
You should rather buy a Verbatim DVD+R DL media, preferably 2,4x rated and made in Singapore.

a-grade is a good guaranty isn’t it ??

[quote=sebmex;2130876]a-grade is a good guaranty isn’t it ??[/quote] It’s almost always an empty claim by someone wanting to convince you that bad media is good media.

Whenever someone is claiming Grade AAA+ media, it’s totally pathetic landfill media.

So in most cases, be suspicious when someone claims A-grade or better media. :wink:

ok, thank you for the advice, looking at my burner firmware writing strategies, I am condamned to MKM 001 then … damn expensive !!!

or is it better buying a new benq then ?

[QUOTE=sebmex;2130876]a-grade is a good guaranty isn’t it ??[/QUOTE]

The only A-Grade dual layer media is Verbatim. Everything else is B-grade or lower.

And for the record, you’re wasting your time trying to burn those in a DW1640. The BenQ DW1640 only works consistently well with Verbatim DL media. Everything else is hit and miss. You’re going to end up throwing your money down the toilet and just making a bunch of coasters. Stop now, and try to find a deal on some Verbatim-brand DL media. Please.

ok, I’ll go with Verbatim then, thank you for your time and the money you made me save !