Will My 2500A Burn This BeAll 16X +R Media?

I’m about to run out of BeAll 8x +R Media I bought ages ago. (Never had a problem with it, great stuff. I love the print to hub too, I use a Epson R200 to print)

I saw this:


And it only lists the newer drives. I may be picking up a newer drive in a couple months, but for now the 2500A works great. It is running 1.06 firmware. Just running at 4x would be fine, just don’t want to end up with a bunch of blanks. Any help much appreciated.


1.06 is a quite old fw on a 2500.

You might want to update to a newer version or crossflash your drive to 2510 to make it DVD+R DL burning capable…

I have Dual Layer Burning capability on my Dell I9300 Lappie…its a Sony drive. Not found a need for DL yet, but will. (I got that one so I can hook it up to my DVR and burn HD shows via Firewire)

Will newer firmware on the 2500A allow that BeAll 16x media?


without a media code there is no way to know if the media is in and supported or not.