Will Moving My Current Backup From A Sony Vaio MB To A Gigabyte MB Work?


I am considering changing my Sony Vaio desktop MB to a Gigabyte MB to utilize the HT on my new 3.06 chip.

If I do that can I successfully use the Acronis True Image to migrate from one MB to the other and retain the information from the original?

Any help would be appreciated-



XP always crashes into a permanent BSOD for me when I try large changes like a Sysemboard. Surprisingly this is actually one area where Win98 was better, it picked up and took off just about any change, too bad it was bad at everything else.

Chances are a fresh clean install will be in order. I would back up all important things just in case.

It is unlikely that you will be successful unless you use Microsoft’s Sysprep Tool to first strip the drivers before creating the image while rebooting in DOS with Ghost.

Acronis just won’t cut it.

AFAIK If you replace the motherboard with one of EXACTLY the same chipset then you can get away with it, albeit it might need reactivation.


Thanks for the replies-

Because of them - I have decided to wait until a XP refresh is in order - then I will change MB and install a new version of XP-

Thanks again to all-