Will Menu Editing be Implemented?



CloneDVD fits my needs very well. The only area I see it lacking in is menu re-authoring. I’m not talking about redefining what every button does, but more like the ability to go into a menu and remove unwanted screens before the main menu. Often I would like to jump right to the main menu and not see anything before it. If this is possible, I feel it would be a great additional feature and make it ‘complete’ in my mind.

(Yes, I know AnyDVD will let me skip past them. I just would like them removed entirely.) Thanks!


Sounds good to me?


Sounds good to me as well! :slight_smile:


I would also like to see this. In some DVDs they put the FBI warnings and such in the menus, so I can’t remove them now.


neato, looks like AnyDVD implemented this within a few days of my suggestion. I have a question though: what would happen if I set AnyDVD to jump to the title menu, and elected to remove the menu entirely and start with the movie in CloneDVD? would I get an error or would the main movie load like normal?

(I don’t want to spend the ~25 min to find this out) :stuck_out_tongue:


The main movie will load as normal.