Will media become faulty gradually?

I bought some dvd-r with “prodata” logo on the cover and I burnt a lot of them to backup my files, and games. I just found one of them has some unreadable sectors on it. I began to worry if my other dvd-r that I burnt also have errors or will have it gradually. I decided to do a read test using dvd decrypter. I have tested 2 of them and there are zero read errors on them. What should I do? Burn them onto better media or just stick to them as there are no errors so far?

Anything will go faulty eventually. Whether it’s DVD-R or your refrigerator, they will all fail given enough time.

If you want to make sure your backups are accessible in the future, I suggest you burn multiple copies and keep them in different physical locations.

But there is no doubt, your disc will go bad. (Of course it might go bad long after your grandchildren have died, but that’s beside the point. Nobody actually has discs that are that old to tell you what actually happens when they age for that long.)

OK, what I meant was will they easily become faulty in a short while like a couple of weeks or a month due to the bad media? I thought better media will last longer?

better media will last longer. but if u can get 5-10 years out of a DVD-r i think thats alright cause by then a new format will be out.

so, yes, better media will last long, crap media can die quickly if it is not handled with lots of care.

BTW, download DVD identifier and read who actually manufactures the disc. and what program r u testing with??

It’s make by leaddata01 from what dvd identifier says.