Will LVW5005 still have MV protection after drive swap?



I am thinking of swapping out my LVW-5005 factory drive with a SOHW-1693s. I believe I have all the steps down to do the swap:

  1. Remove factory drive from LVW5005
  2. Prep the SOHW-1693s
    a) update firmware to KC4B version
    b) make drive region-free
  3. Install SOHW-1693s into LVW5005

Here is my dliemna. Previously, I had loaded the firmware 1101 on the LVW5005. My serial number was 0102-1140-0101.F2SD after the upgrade. I could not downgrade to 0098 so I was stuck with macro protection enabled. Once I swap the drive, I am assuming that the LVW5005 motherboard will recognize the SOHW-1693s firmware and not the 1101 upgrade. Is this correct or will the motherboard have a problem with recognizing the SOHW-1693s firmware? Basically, I am asking if I will still have macro protection enabled after the drive swap. Thanks!


I can confirm that the firmware that is loaded on the LVW-5005 (or any other Lite-On standalone) is different to the firmware loaded on the actual IDE drive itself. For example, the firmware that is loaded on the LVW-5005 contains the software, menu and so on for the LVW-5005 itself to operate, where as the firmware for the IDE drive only contains the software for operating the optical drive, such as handling the reading of discs, writing strategies, etc. A good example is when it comes to region coding - If the optical drive is region free and the LVW-5005 is not or the optical drive is region coded and the LVW-5005 is region free, it will refuse to play discs from another region.

When the DVD recorder picks converts the picture to digital, the recorder’s own software does the actual checking for Macrovision signalling. In fact, on the HDD models, the IDE drive itself is not used at all when recording and playing back content via the HDD.

Unfortunately, I am not fully sure what happens when new firmware is installed on the LVW-5005 itself, such as whether this in turn updates the IDE drive’s firmware. However, from what I recall reading about, users who change the optical drive in their Lite-On recorder are advised to first update the firmware of the LVW-5005 with the old drive, update the firmware in the IDE drive using a PC using region-free firmware and then swap the drives.

Good luck with the swap. :wink:


Well, I finally swapped out the drive and it works great. Unfortunately, the macrovision restriction remains. At least I now have a recorder that works consistently although being able to remove the macrovision restriction would have been a nice bonus. Thanks for the info.


You probably still need to run the firmware mod from the ILO site detailed on the second page at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=183223&page=2. Note you may need to choose a different 098 firmware version from the ILO link depending on serial number of your unit. Good luck.


after I changed my drive the hacked 0098 was fine