Will ltr 40125s burn cd-g format?

Will LTR 40125s burn cd-g format?
If not is there a flash upgrade for it to make it able to read and write cd-g ???

I’m using the latest version to try to make a karaoke disk and it says this drive will not record cd-g,even tho all of the threads ive read here state that it is capapble of doing this format.


The Nero Info Tool shows the LTR-48125S as being capable of CD+G, so the standard LTR-40125S should have the same capability. The standard 40125S is the same as the 48125S and may be changed to that model through firmware.

If your 40125S has XSU1 firmware, it may not be CD+G capable, but I don’t know for sure. If this firmware is on your burner, you can’t update it or overclock it at this point.

What firmware is on your burner? What burning software are you using to attempt the CD+G (karaoke) burn?