Will LO do Labelflash

Any word if Liteon will support Labelflash. It seems that, with the newer drives, they are embracing the lightscribe technology. I am not overly impressed with the results from a lightscribe labelled disc, the labelflash’s ability to do more colors seems like a better idea to support, IMHO. It would be nice to have a choice if they can’t make a drive that can do both, have one that does lightscribe and the exact same drive in all other respects do labelflash.

I really don’t think that any of newest LiteON drives support labelflash, only NEC does!
But anyway, your ‘COLOURS’ are just 256 :slight_smile: So i don’t think you’ll get something more fabulous than with Lightscribe :disagree:

I already know that none of their latest drives support labelflash, I was asking if anyone knew of their plans to support it in the future. As far as colors, 256 is better than the “grey” scale that lightscribe gives. :slight_smile: Not looking for fabulous, either, just looking for “more”. :slight_smile:

I prefer ‘label’ not colours :slight_smile: And i prefer cheap, for example 5-pack of Lightscribe Verbatim DVD+R cost 5euro, while LabelFlash FUJIFILM DVD-R 5-pack 10 euro. There’s no difference for me what colour the label is, it’s just as i can see what’s on the disc and i’m happy with it :slight_smile: If you want colours buy labels and print them, then stick on the discs :smiley:

Well, my advice is to avoid labels and use printable media with a decent printer (e.g. Epson Rx00/Rx20 series) instead. :slight_smile:



Why should we avoid labels? :slight_smile:

Same reason you don’t want your dog using the DVD as a chewing toy; you might be able to use the disc afterwards - but don’t count on it. :wink:

Do you mean burned Lightscribe image can affect the disc quality in any way?

What has Lightscribe to do with labels…

Using labels an CD or DVD media is always a bad idea, printing on printable media is the best way to keep the content unharmed.

I had Lightscribe labelling in my mind :slight_smile:
So DrageMester didn’t understand me well :slight_smile:

You got me confused with your talk about putting on paper labels:

Putting on paper labels is a bad idea, just like giving the disc to your dog as a chewing toy is a bad idea. :wink:


I do not currently own a DVD RW drive, so I’ve never tried with DVD R’s, but I have never had a problem with using printed labels on CD-R’s. Of course, I always stick them on with one of those devices that centers the label on the disc, so that may be a difference why some people have had trouble with them on CD-R’s and I have not. And yes, after reading about all the problems here at CDFreaks, I have tested discs (TY and Ritek) both before and after the label and did not see a bit of difference between the two tests.

I admit that the first generation of labels probably did cause problems, but as a late adopter (due to financial reasons) of CD burning, by the time I started using labels, they must have figured out the problem because, like I said, I have not had a problem with discs labelled. I understand DVD R’s are different and labels may have more of an effect on their performance.

Stick on labels have 3 basic problems:

  1. Inaccurate application, cousing unbalance, trapped buubles etc. - the label also increases the “wind resistance” at high RPM.
  2. Interaction between adhesive and the top layer, compromising the protection of the silvering.
  3. Failure of the adhesive label, particularly in a slotloader.
    The advantage of the paper label technology, is that it can be printed in any printer.

LF/LS technology:

  • Advantage - “print” in the drive, no impact on media performance
  1. Expensive media
  2. Monochromatic print of far lower contrast than inkjet
  3. very slow

Inkjet Printable:
Requires a CD-printing Inkjet, after that, the media is not much more expensive than ordinary media, and the print quality is simialr to an inkjet printed label, but without the problems of a stick on.

Guess what… I couldn’t care less if a drive has LS or LF capability - I’ll risk sticky labels for now, and my next printer will do CD printing.

The German magazine c’t did a test on labels about 2 years ago. I posted a short summary over at CDRLabs. What they found is that most labels destroy DVD’s- not because they’re mounted off-center, but because of the tension on the upper surface. The discs get so badly bowed that they’re almost impossible to read.

I have used (and sometimes still use) labels on CD-R’s with no problems. DVD’s are generally more problematic because of the higher data density, so I haven’t labeled these.

I also think that an ink-jet printer capable of printing to a disc is the best way to go. LightScribe and LabelFlash are superfluous, expensive and slow. In Europe, the decision is really a no-brainer because all Canon printers (other than entry level ones) can print to disc. My 2 year old i865 does a wonderful job.


I’m willing to guess that at current LF media prices, it’s cheaper to buy a printer and some printable media.

But personally, I’d rather see LiteOn focus on producing a burner that actually burns readable -R and RAM discs. Worry about the bells and whistles later. :wink: