Will LiteOn ever make a Blu-Ray BDXL desktop 5.25" drive?

Is it safe to assume Lite-On will no longer produce new drives? Given their only BDXL drive is the slim EB1 model, I’m assuming they are out of the Desktop drive market. It’s a shame since I really liked Lite-On drives. Even the iHBS112 is giving me issues burning BD-R media, probably due to media quality or incompatibility (They all fail at 18GB of written data. Either succeeds but fails verification at that point, or fails writing at all)

I myself just got an LG WH14NS40 which I crossflashed to the WH16NS60 a few weeks ago and I also have a Panasonic UJ-260 slim drive since a few years. Neither of these drives scans media.

Anyway, what’s your opinion on this? Will Lite-On ever return to make great drives? Or are we stuck with LG, Pioneer and Asus?

I doubt it. I also like LiteOn drives but since the optical market is in it’s sunset, i don’t think it will happen.

The EB1 is hardware identical to a similar Pioneer drive, so either they are rebadging the Pioneer or producing it for them. Probably if not for that contract Lite-On would have continued to be out of the BD market as the first phase of sunsetting their optical drive lines altogether. Don’t get your hopes up for a new internal drive.

LiteOn quitted the BD-business at a time with much better sales figures than now. I´m sure they never will produce BD-drives again.

And IMHO the x12 don´t were good drives compared to LG and Pioneer. The Lite is a weak reader, even it read 8x max BD-R it shows on much media much higher error-rates with max. speed while a (crossflashed) LG shows not much difference if you scan with 8x and 12x