Will Lightscribe but wont read or burn other dvds

At first my dvd840x wouldnt burn or read anything. lightscribe or otherwise. i’d flashed it before in march of this year. that went fine no problems. a couple a days ago all of a sudden it stopped reading entirely. the access light would flash and i would hear it trying to read but no go. last night i found every version of the firmware for the gsa-h20l and the dvd840. i tried to flash it with the hp firmware first no go. then the lg firmware still no go. i had to find the HBLoader then W50S65JA firmware to get it to work. at this point it will now burn lightscribe but still no other reading or writing. i was tempted to believe the laser was gone but obviously it hasnt because i just lightscribed a label. so what it could be i havent the foggiest idea. any ideas?

still no ideas?